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Vitamin B12 Benefits For Your Skin And Hair

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important constituents that our skin needs to look its best. A healthy dose of it makes the skin look more radiant. Vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to several skin problems including eczema, hyper-pigmentation and dry skin.

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient found in most animal sources of food. Everyone requires at least 2.4 milligrams of Vitamin B12 per day. However, the requirement varies from person to person. It is present in the liver, meat, eggs, shellfish, cheese, muscle meat, fish, etc.

Deficiency of this vitamin leads to disorders such as memory failure, anemia, loss of appetite, anxiety and osteoporosis. Vegetarians are at a higher risk of developing this deficiency. Therefore, they can go in for Vitamin B12 supplements to prevent these disorders.

Here are some of the Vitamin B12 benefits:

Treats Eczema

Eczema is directly linked to Vitamin B12 deficiency, and thus intake of this vitamin can treat eczema and its symptoms. Consume Vitamin B12 rich foods and put eczema at bay.

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Heals Skin

Vitamin B12 helps to heal damaged skin. It evens out the skin tone, prevents hyper-pigmentation that causes darkening of the skin. It reduces skin pigmentation to a large extent.

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Promotes Hair Growth

Vitamin B12 promotes hair growth by assisting in the formation of red blood cells. It’s one of the vital nutrients that your hair requires to enhance its growth.

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Cures Pigmentation

Intake of Vitamin B12 is also known to remove dark spots and blemishes on the skin and cure uneven pigmentation.

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Healthy Nails

Poor nail health is another symptom of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Brittle nails and rigged nail surfaces are indicatives of this deficiency.

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Prevents Premature Hair Loss

Inadequate amounts of Vitamin B12 slows down the hair growth and also results in hair loss. Consuming foods rich in this vitamin helps combat hair loss and promotes hair growth.

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Prevents Dull Skin

Dull or unhealthy skin is an indication of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Including Vitamin B12-rich foods in your diet adds moisture to the skin, thereby making the skin more radiant.

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Top 7 Vitamins For Women

Most of the women nowadays are health conscious and follow a healthy diet plan. While many dietary recommendations are beneficial for both men and women, women’s bodies have different needs when it comes to vitamin intake.

Generally, women of different age, weight and activity levels need to consume a wide variety of vitamins for an optimal health condition and to avoid different health issues.

Vitamins are organic compounds that help different parts of the body. Each vitamin has a different function, which is the reason why different vitamins should be consumed on a regular basis for an overall good health.

Here’s a list of vitamins, which women must include in their diet to improve their overall health status. Read on to know more about these vitamins.

Vitamin A

Studies reveal that this vitamin contains antioxidant properties and aids in building and strengthening bones, teeth, soft tissues, skin and mucus membranes. Regular intake of this vitamin helps in reducing the risk of chronic illness, improves vision, and slows down aging process.

P.S: Foods rich in this vitamin are tomatoes, watermelon, guava, broccoli, kale, papaya, peaches.

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Vitamin B2

Also known as Riboflavin, this vitamin is essential for good health, normal growth and to increase metabolism rate. It helps to boost energy and strengthen the immune system. Regular intake helps to reduce numbness, anxiety, stress and fatigue.

P.S: Foods rich in this vitamin are yogurt, cheese, milk, almonds, nuts, soybeans and mushrooms.

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Vitamin B6

Also called Pyridoxine, it is an essential vitamin for the body. This vitamin also helps in producing hormones and brain chemicals, which help in reducing depression, heart diseases and memory loss.

P.S: Foods that are rich in this vitamin are fortified cereals, avocados, bananas, meats, oatmeal and dried fruits.

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Vitamin B7

This vitamin is also known as biotin. It is required for cell growth and synthesis of fatty acids. It keeps the sweat glands, skin and hair healthy. It also helps in strengthening brittle nails and bone growth as well.

P.S: Foods that are rich in this vitamin are yellow fruits, green leafy vegetables, lentils, brown rice, peppers, egg yolks, soybeans.

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Vitamin B9

Also known as folic acid, this vitamin helps in preventing heart diseases, high blood pressure, depression, cancer and memory loss. It helps in improving fertility and fetal development during pregnancy.

P.S: Foods rich in this Vitamin B9 are dark leafy vegetables, oranges, strawberries, eggs and beans.

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Vitamin B12

This vitamin is important for metabolism, normal cell division and protein synthesis. Intake of this vitamin helps to keep depression at bay. It also maintains healthy nervous system.

P.S: Foods rich in this vitamin are cheese, eggs, fish, meat, milk, yogurt and cereals.

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Vitamin C

Also known as immunity booster, this vitamin is essential for women as it helps in healing wounds faster, promotes tissue growth and reduces certain types of cancer. It also plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells.

P.S: Foods that are rich in this vitamin are broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes.

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Foods To Eat When You Are Tired

Do you feel sluggish and tired all the time? Poor nutrition and lifestyle factors like poor sleep, intake of caffeine and alcohol consumption are some of the main reasons for fatigue and tiredness.

Due to the sedentary lifestyle that we are following, we can be more prone to these issues, which further do a good deal in adding on more health problems to us. In order to be energetic all throughout the day, one has to choose the right kind of foods. There are a few foods that are known to boost the energy levels and fight against fatigue.

Some health problems including obesity, kidney problems, diabetes, thyroid issues, anxiety and depression can also contribute to it. Fatigue drains out your energy and affects your day-to-day activities. It affects women more than men.

Certain superfoods in the diet can combat tiredness. Therefore, here we have listed out a few superfoods that fight fatigue and provide an instant energy.

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are full of proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients provide an instant energy and fight against the symptoms of fatigue.

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Walnut: Walnut is an ideal snack that can boost your energy. Since walnuts are rich in protein, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, they help relieve the symptoms of fatigue.

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Oatmeal: Oatmeal is rich in protein, manganese, phosphorous and vitamin B1, which enhance the energy levels. It contains a good amount of fibre and carbohydrates that provide energy to the body.

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Yoghurt: Yoghurt is high in protein and carbohydrates. The probiotic bacteria present in yoghurt actively fight against the symptoms of fatigue. Yoghurt is a good source of an energy booster. It improves the digestive health as well.

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Watermelon: Watermelon is quick energy booster. Since it is rich in water content and electrolytes, it keeps the body hydrated. Watermelon provides an instant energy when consumed.

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Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing

Don’t you love to be in a good shape or physically fit? Of course, the answer is a big ‘YES’. If you are physically fit, it means that you are a healthy person. In this era, people really work hard for a healthy and beautiful body.

Being fit should include physical, mental and emotional fitness. But remember, there are some fitness myths that you should stop believing. Understanding fitness in its correct sense will let you know more about fitness myths you should stop believing.

The definition for fitness differs from one person to another. For some it can be gained through smart eating and smart working, while for some only exercise or workouts helps. Are you a person who thinks these all together can make you fit? If yes, definitely you need to do regular exercise, take good amount of nutrition and along with these two you should take enough rest.

In this era of technology, you may get as much information as you want from anywhere. But, you should always cross-check the accuracy of the information. Here, we will discuss about some common fitness myths you should stop believing.

Myth #1: More Sweating, More Fitness

Actually sweating has nothing to do with your fitness. It’s a biological response of your body to make it cool. People believe that if you sweat more you have burnt your calories. This is one of the fitness myths you should stop believing.

Myth #2: Vegetarian Food is Better than Non-vegetarian

People consider vegetarian food better than non-vegetarian. Yes, of course vegetarian foods are healthier than the other, but cutting down non-vegetarian food is not a good idea. According to researchers, human body needs a balanced diet. Avoiding meat which is a major source of iron can cause iron deficiency.

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Myth #3: Stretching Before Work Outs are Beneficial

Stretching before work outs are considered to be beneficial. But in reality, it won’t work. The medical science says that there won’t be any significant difference if you do stretching before any work outs. They suggest doing it after every work out which will help to avoid muscle soreness.

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Myth #4: Crunches and Flat Abs

It is believed that doing crunches will help you to get flat abs. To get a six-pack, you really don’t need to do crunches. Really, it’s not going to help you. In many surveys it is said that doing crunches is not a good way to burn the calories of your mid-section.

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Myth #5: Fruits are Better Snacks

Fruits are good for your health, but actually fruits contain carbs too. It will not allow your body to burn out fat. Many also believe that fresh fruits are better choice than frozen fruits. The fact is that frozen fruits are picked at the time of freshness and stored. Meanwhile, fresh fruits will be in a ship or other means of transport for around one or two weeks before it reaches the market. It may lose its nutrients during this time.

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10 Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

Learning different ways to maintain your health at work can result in fewer sick days. This is the motive you need to follow when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. To stay healthy at work, there are a handful of tips you need to follow.

In most offices the work condition is oblique. You may have the best desk to work at, but the stress and work over load can damage your life. On the other hand, the work environment too plays an important role to keep you healthy. If working in an atmosphere where the surrounding is unclean, you are most likely to get sick easily.

Here are some of the ways in which you can stay healthy at work:

Wash your hands regularly

It is important to wash your hands when you’re at work. Germs thrive on your hands and can easily cause infections.

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Always keep a hand sanitizer on your desk. After visiting the loo, sanitize your hand. Even between breaks it is important to dab on a little sanitizer to kill the germs.

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Eat Well

If you have a desk job, it is important to eat light and healthy meals. When you eat light, you feel active and not drowsy.

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Keep Your Bay Clean

There might be someone appointed to clean your office surroundings, but it is also important that you keep your space clean. Discard used tissues and make sure your dustbin is clean and not smelly.

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Take Breaks

One of the ways to stay healthy at work is to get out in the sun and breathe in the fresh air. Taking breaks in between work hours is also essential.

Drink Lots of Water

Water helps to keep you active through the day. Drinking good amount of water also keeps you hydrated and improves blood circulation.

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Limit Caffeine

Addiction to coffee is bad. If you have an addiction to caffeine, you will witness several health issues like insomnia, infertility and other related problems.

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Manage Stress

Did you know that stress is a silent killer? If you are under a lot of stress, it is important to calm your nerves and do things that will help enhance your mood.

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Don’t Skip Meals

The best way to stay healthy at work is to not skip meals. Even if you have twice the amount of work on your table, don’t skip your meal filled with nutrients and proteins.

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Avoid Others

If your immunity is not that good, it is best to avoid those who are not feeling well in the office space. This is a general and important health tip.

10 Best Nutrition Tips For Workaholics

If you work compulsively and do not get time to indulge in any other activity, struggle to get time for your meals, consider work to be more important than sleep, you are a workaholic.

If you want to perform to your best and expect optimum results from your efforts you need to change your habits a bit – change towards a healthier way of living. Doing so will ensure that you get the proper nutrition and the energy to work for long hours with good results.

Consider the following nutrition tips and see where you need to bring about a change.

1. Sleep Well

Are you getting your required six to seven hours for shut-eye time? Make sure you do so, as the body needs time to recharge. This is the time your tired muscles take a rest, your brain cells relax so that when you wake up the next day you are ready for another round of challenges. No one can deliver good results with a tired mind and body.

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2. Have a Hearty Breakfast

Never ever skip this very important meal of the day. This is the meal that sets you for a day of hard work. Stepping out on an empty stomach is a way of inviting trouble in the form of ill-health.

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3. Snack Healthy

We all snack in between meals. It helps us stay charged and provides us with those bursts of energy time and again. But not all kinds of snacking are good for the body. Ideally, snacking should include a handful of nuts, a bowl of fruits, vegetable juice or a fruit smoothie. Be sure to have these snacks at least one and a half hours before your meal times or else the snacks may interfere with meals.

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4. Eat Fresh

This might not always be possible for workaholics because food, for many, comes last in the priority list. Freezer foods do contain nutrition but not as much as freshly cooked meals. Besides the taste of fresh food can never be beaten.

Eat Fresh

5. Have Fruits and Vegetables

Carbs are needed for energy. They are also filling, but too much may be too bad. Make sure to have ample amount of vegetables at every meal. Not only do they carry a host of vitamins and minerals needed for the body but also keep you full for long. They provide the much needed fiber.

Eat Fresh

6. Drink Lots of Water

Water is the only drink that quenches your thirst. It is needed to keep the body moisturized. When the water content of the body is regulated, the digestive system works in perfect condition. If you can get into the habit, try to begin your day with a glass or two of water.

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7. Take The Stairs

Nutrition does not only include the stuff we consume internally. In order to be healthy and derive the benefits of food eaten, it is important to include some bit of exercise. If you cannot squeeze in time for a workout look for alternatives. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park the car at a distance and walk a bit.

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8. Walk While You Talk

The mobile phone too can help you stay healthy, indirectly. As a workaholic it is quite likely that you spend a lot of time talking on the phone too. With a mobile phone it is possible to leave your seat while you talk. So the next time you need to talk on the phone just get up and take a walk. Not only will your conversation be completed you will also give yourself the much needed physical activity.

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9. Plan Your Meals

The main reason of grabbing junk food when hungry is the lack of planning. Every weekend, or whenever you have a little time for yourself, prepare a meal plan. And do not stop at this. Go ahead and shop for those items and stock up for the week. With things planned out you do not have to do the last minute thinking and will always have appropriate food ready.

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10. Shop Right

When you plan, make sure to bear in mind these nutrition tips and shop accordingly. Get things which are good for your gut and mind. Stock up on healthy items, stay away from pre-mixes, limit pre-cooked food and aim for fresh and clean eating. When you shop right you will also eat right.

Workaholics are on the increase and this puts health at a risk. It is not the work that is causing the problem but the ignorance of nutrition tips. With an aim to accomplish a lot within a short span of time, leaves people neglecting their health. The need is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, take care of one’s health and then get ready for the race.

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7 Best Super Foods That Combat Fatigue

That feeling of being tired and lethargic is what we call fatigue. It drains energy and affects our day-to-day activities. Poor nutrition and lifestyle factors like insufficient sleep, caffeine intake and alcohol consumption are some of the main reasons for fatigue and tiredness. Certain health problems including obesity, kidney problems, diabetes, thyroid issues, anxiety and depression also contribute to it.

So, in order to be energetic all throughout the day, one needs to choose the right kind of foods. Here are few foods which boost the energy levels and fight against fatigue:


It’s high in protein and carbohydrates. The probiotic bacteria present in yoghurt actively fights against the symptoms of fatigue. Yoghurt is also a good energy booster. It even improves the digestive health.



A quick energy booster, watermelons are rich in water content and electrolytes, which keep the body hydrated.



It’s rich in protein, manganese, phosphorous and vitamin B1 which enhances the energy levels. It also contains a good amount of fiber and carbohydrates.



The potassium content present in banana converts sugar into energy. The vitamins and fatty acids in banana keeps tiredness at bay and the natural sugar in it provides quick energy.



Since walnuts are rich in protein, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, it relieves the symptoms of fatigue and is an ideal snack which boosts energy.


Green tea

The polyphenols in Green Tea reduce mental stress, boost energy and also fight fatigue.


Pumpkin seeds

Full of proteins, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, Pumpkin seeds provide energy and fight against the symptoms of fatigue.